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  • Saika black damping mat
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DJ butyl rubber composite,made in Germany ,food grade standard,non toxic material
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Product Introduce

Saika damping Mat with black butyl rubber 

Brand Name:Saika

Main Raw Material:Pure butyl rubber&pure aluminum foil


Suitable temperature:-40℃ to 180℃

Product Description:1,Saika Damping mat is based on the material of butyl rubber,is applicable to commercial vehicle noise reduction.Non-toxic,non corrosive,meet the emission test and requirement for the materials and components in Vehicle,good self-adhesive.

2,Application Area:

Noise reducing and damping for auto doros,floor,ceiling,engine cover and water tanks etc.Tear off the release paper ,sick to the application place,compact it.

Product show:

Saika butyl rubber composite:so green that you can chew:

Installation pictures:

Package Detail:by carton

Delivery Detail:shipped in 7 days after payment

Payment Detail:TT




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