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spare tire bass--UK-bass 10

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Wynn auto supplies supermarket double "gun" qi Crown spare tire bass big upgrade

CROWN as a high-end models, Toyota's new CROWN CROWN initial ideal persistent pursuit of building cars - run the pleasure, joy and control to achieve the world-class high level of performance.Crown longer wheelbase and wider wheelbase stretches the appearance, will YueDongGan and noble temperament show incisively and vividly.Under this elegant appearance, contains will drive the decisive factor of excellence in performance.As a veritable senior car, the new CROWN CROWN with FR (after the engine front drive) platform, make smooth maneuverability and energetic driving force of the eclectic, truly achieve the excellent control performance.

Owners of vehicles with relatively satisfied, but the bass that on the one hand,

Even the more advanced sedan, cannot meet the needs of music lovers

How can run on the road, lack of passion of music

So the owner came to wynn, bass big upgrade on car

A modified configuration:

Bass: Britain, pure sound source typhoon 10 universal spare tire bass

The French waves ultra-thin bass

Thunder amplifier bass power amplifier: the United States

The bass line connected to the host

Set the typhoon 10 gm spare tire bass ~ on the spare tire

Trunk cover board ~ finished (don't take any space trunk want what is what

Wynn auto supplies supermarket: G DaLang town, dongguan city, south China auto parts city building no. 122/123