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spare tire subwoofer --bass 10(wynn fighting auto supplies supermarket)

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wynn fighting auto supplies supermarket - ford escape spare tire subwoofer 

Ford escape

Ford's an SUV, sword refers to intermediate high-end market at present the most popular consumer demand, the ford called "smarter SUV, with luxurious and fashionable appearance, the interior of extremely rich contemporary sense, and many leading high-tech configuration at the same level.

Drivers driving car wing tiger came to wynn, want to improve the car bass effect ~!

(still use to say Of course you want to install the bass

Demand for bass, on the premise of saving space

Stores had recommended the typhoon 10 gm spare tire subwoofer To accompany the owner

Address: G DaLang town, dongguan city, south China auto parts city building no. 122/123