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spare tire bass 10

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 wynn auto supplies supermarket - new nissan sylphy Super spare tire also want to save space 

New sylphy
Dongfeng nissan's family cars, with rich configuration, and outstanding performance won the love of consumers!!

Music everywhere. Like sound came to wynn consulting car bass related issues
After discussion, the store technology brother will give owners introduce typhoon 10 spare tire bass
(does not occupy a trunk space subwoofer placement on the spare tire! #! # @ $! # @ $@)
After some time, introduce the owner immediately choose to install

A modified configuration:
Bass: Britain, pure sound source typhoon 10 universal spare tire bass
Thunder amplifier bass power amplifier: the United States

Owners released pictures ~

The typhoon 10 gm spare tire subwoofer features

On equipment tires (lay at the bottom of the cotton fiber, the guarantee seal

After the installation is complete, the owner of the spare tire bass effect is quite satisfactory

Address: G DaLang town, dongguan city, south China auto parts city building no. 122/123