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DJ sound insulation mat

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Henry auto service - is so cool ~ Beijing gladiator sound DJ sound insulation to upgrade

Baic gladiator is a hummer SUV type;The hummer is "Chinese" primary version, in the line of production, the chassis for military chassis. Appearance in gladiator obviously continues the classic the banner of the suv model.

Wild owners with "hummer" gladiator to Henry

Want to add a in the way of wild passion

The road turns head high gladiator after this modification how much charm?

Let's wait and see!!!!!!

A modified configuration:

Alpine CDE - 150 - c host

Road mae AL - 25.6 stereo package

Road beauty LAB360 x 4 power amplifier

Pure sound source UK bass typhoon 10 spare tire bass

Max wire

DJ all-around environmental sound insulation

Door plank of labeled stop shock plate not only reduce noise when driving, at the same time can improve quality of audio playback

Install on the road beautiful sound, there is no problem A perfect fit

Reverse mould road the horn

Besides beautiful, or a lot to the promotion of sound quality not only is the directivity, due to the bass in pack out later at the back of the car speakers have a certain volume, the low frequency sound will be more fat, not directly on the door sounded so loose turbid, when installed in the bass in fail so can lap pad two car speakers don't mat one, the so-called melody cavity effect is the principle.Good reverse mould, the effect will be really different, sound field, sound also can appear a beautiful a lot.

Put on the road the amplifier to ensure the quality of audio output ~)

Collocation of alpine host, composed of a set of perfect system ~ ~ (spare tire bass forgot to take pictures)