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Project for the DJ

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The dongguan car audio voice of the music Finely crafted - Mazda car full of DJ sound insulation

In the hustle and bustle of modern society and upheaval, sometimes we need a quiet space, in a quiet space, put down the body, the burden of heart, empty brain, put on a favorite music!
Have a high performance car all the way along, the noise is can't solve the problem, in order to have a more comfortable driving environment, for vehicle sound insulation is a must.Sound insulation parts, different location of the sound insulation effect is also different, we can according to their own requirements for sound insulation construction, whole vehicle noise is, of course, the best effect.

Door plank of sound insulation
Door plank of door plank of noise is mainly due to the area of sheet metal parts is bigger, easy to produce sheet metal resonance belongs to medium frequency noise, the sound insulation engineering when metal structure vibration, check with shock vibration, but will be affected by the constraints of the outer sheet metal, thus attenuation along the structure transfer of vibrational energy, suppressing metal structure vibrations, resonance, fluttered, to reduce the floor to the shielding effect of intermediate frequency noise is more noticeable, makes the speaker gives off more pure, natural music, to a certain extent can improve the driving comfort level, open the door closed thickness obviously feel feel luxury cars.

Door plank generally do is double insulation
With the first layer stop shock plate on the door of the inner sheet metal, improve the door plank of rigid, inhibit the door plank of sheet metal due to the resonance noise.Again on the outer layer of the door plank of sheet metal to stick a layer of vibration plate, improve the door seal, make door plank form a space that is similar to the speaker, and before the sound field in the bass or subwoofer speakers are installed on the door, this will be conducive to the horn of the play, so as to improve the acoustics of the sound system.In addition, according to the need, also can be in door plank of the plastic trim on a layer of sound-absorbing cotton, using sound-absorbing cotton attract effect, further enhance the sound insulation effect of the door.

Yixiang sound insulation
Yixiang is low frequency noise (the speed when the sheet metal vibration resonance and exhaust) most likely to produce the most part, low frequency noise can let a person bosom frowsty tinnitus, through sound insulation scheme can dramatically reduce the engine and the exhaust pipe heat transfer to the car, effectively reduce the low frequency noise, if equipped with a subwoofer in the tail box, can also make the bass is more solid, shock!

Add a layer of DJ Shirley fiber cotton, sound-absorbing, not only can cut off the exhaust pipe heat transfer ~