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The original car the host of a lot more to the UK, the pure audio lab

Seemingly ordinary, extraordinary performance, dull to magic


Britain, the pure audio lab the Midas touch no damage frequency device

Critical system front-end
Speakers of integrated performance, determines the overall effect of the car stereo, largely depends on power amplifier has a large current driving signal output level, by the host system, such as front-end to transfer power amplifier input low level analog signals to pass important.If you would like to achieve a high quality low level analog signals, the most direct way is to the original car host direct replacement for the expensive specialized automobile host.When the owner to keep the original owner, the car to the original host high level large current output by the driving signal, converted into high quality low level analog signals.
When using the traditional high and low level translator, as a result of circuit equivalent load is heavier and the quality of components used in a variety of reasons, such as jagged are difficult to control the spread of the reduce the original distortion amplification, also is unable to avoid interference of incoming and secondary distortion, achieve a high quality low level analog signals become hot air.Use most of DSP digital audio processor on the market, although in theory can control and correction signal distortion, actually sound spikes and cold hard texture, listening disappointing and little practical value.System front-end is weak and not as an ideal technology present situation, now the Midas touch no damage for SP - USC - 1 liter frequency counter and get breakthrough.

Jane who fever solution

SP - USC - 1 the Midas touch no damage frequency device, pure sound source by the UK laboratory research, development and design production, on the high level, high current driving signal accurately perfect and no loss of transformation, achieve quality is close to specialized automobile host and power amplifier to form the best match of low-level analog signals, what is the ideal and the practical value of the front car audio system.
SP - USC - 1 the Midas touch no damage frequency device, who idea unique originality, structure simple and practical function, select material acme careful production, effect of diligence to fresh feeling, make the attention of the whole car audio industry.Due to abandon the traditional level conversion circuit and the corresponding element, almost completely eliminate the original car from the source host distortion caused by equivalent load circuit, prevent amplification of the distortion of the original diffusion, eliminate the background noise from component, to eliminate the secondary distortion of incoming, ensure the purity of music signal accurately.With induction coil transformer, simple ways to reduce the signal level at the same time, the reverse of the original distortion and noise component linkage synchronously of compression damping, such as from the host decoding quality of filter circuit and approximate special-purpose automobile host low-level analog signal;Low level analog signals can be output by the linear continuous adjustment, can match with the formation of optimal power amplifier input level, power amplifier is able to work in the best state, the output of high quality high level large current drive signal, make the car stereo to the overall effect of the moving well.

Not every detail of pole
Simple structure, is the embodiment of the unique concept.How to start from now on and get high quality low level analog signals?With rigorous persistent spirit and attitude, no compromise to manage height to perfect every detail, this is the Midas touch SP - USC - 1 no damage frequency device's answer.
Shell and double as the base of the plate, with 5.5 mm thickness and abnormal solid;Selects high purity metal aluminum ingots, elemental state with precision hollow out milling grinding, appearance anodic oxidation and detailed drawing multiple techniques, such as internal again apply to the purity of 99.99% oxygen free copper foil, with a double layer to prevent external electromagnetic interference shielding incoming.Shell has a one-piece septum, within the internal space is divided into two part of the left and right sides is symmetrical, natural isolation transformer coil two channels, completely eliminate mutual interference, improve the two channel signal isolation.
As a core component of transformer coil, choose a purity of 99.99% oxygen free copper enameled wire enameled wire winding in special way, with core made of selected materials, from 10 hz to 100 KHZ super wide frequency response, the music of different frequency signals, all can running smoothly through the, will not cause the loss of distortion because of the limited transmission.Equipped with special grounding line, can discharge dissipate all kinds of noise signals.Installed between the coil and shell, filled with special formula materials, as well as attenuation can absorb harmonic oscillation, but also protect transformer coil to prevent from oxidation.Whether high level large current drive signal input terminals, or low-level analog signal output terminals, are pure copper and gold-plated polishing processing, greatly reduce two types of signal by different conductor contact interface secondary distortion caused by loss occurred.All of the above measures, effectively improves the low level of analog signal dynamic range and purity.