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DJ sound insulation 】 【 the automobile sound insulation modified that nots allow to ignore

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DJ sound insulation 】 【 the automobile sound insulation modified that nots allow to ignore

In the process of car audio modification, amplifier, speakers such as the modification is very important.At the same time, the location of the audio equipments installation layout of sound effects will also have a big impact.Like like cooking, not only to have a good raw material, also need a good cook, can burn out of delicious food. 

Sound insulation

Inside the car listening to music, and listen to at home, there will be a big difference.Difference is that a fast moving vehicle, in order to achieve good results, puts forward higher requirements on audio equipment, to overcome the vehicle under the high speed of the wind noise, tire noise and mechanical noise interference with the sound system.Therefore, it is necessary to transform the vehicles.Usually do is to choose the whole vehicle sound insulation of the system.Automobile sound insulation in many car modification, car audio shop can do. 

Generally use the soft foam to seal cavity, with good effect is to use professional system vibration plate, however, the cost of the system vibration plate is much higher than foam. 

The speaker position arrangement

Car audio modification, high, medium, bass speaker independent, if the installation will interfere with each other together.As the owner of the audi A6, audi A6 adapted his sound, speakers that will be installed in A column on both sides, alto horn installed in the middle of the front door of the position, and at the bottom of the subwoofer is installed on the front door.According to modified technician, so that the benefit between the high cohesion, form a sound field of the positioning accuracy.And this kind of modification does not destroy the original car accessories. 

The speaker is clever layout

Many of the owners choose to hide speakers, use the built-in speakers, allows you to save a space, is a very practical choice.You can also choose to irregular shape of the speakers, so that we can maximize the use of space, and help to eliminate the interference between sound waves to each other.