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Equipped with auto sound insulation is necessary?

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Equipped with auto sound insulation is necessary?

Equipped with auto sound insulation is necessary?What are the benefits of automobile sound insulation modified?

Equipped with auto sound insulation is necessary?Whether do sound insulation, the personnel depends on the ride on car noise of subjective feeling, some people is not sensitive to noise, xiali, banner the noise larger cars, also does not have the feeling of discomfort.Also somebody is sensitive to noise, open 200000 magotan, regal would ears felt uncomfortable, this is where the insulation treatment.DJ today universal environmental noise will discuss together with you to add car sound insulation necessity, automobile sound insulation modified what are the benefits:

1, to reduce the noise

Descended on pavement noise by almost half, engine noise, the hum of the original disappear a lot of, voice became clean, a lot of noise, less noise in the high speed highest peak lower 20 decibels.

2, block heat

Blocking sunlight, engine, exhaust pipe heat conduction to the cab, thorough farewell summer steamer car, the car more rapid cooling, air conditioning energy consumption greatly reduced, saving your fuel costs.

3, car maintenance

Prevent body sheet corrosion, enhance ability to fight against the sand struck and corrosion rust chassis, solve the hood paint for engine warehouse caused by high temperature baking paint fade premature aging problem.

4, the strengthening of metal

Body sheet become solid as armored vehicles, and is a far cry from didn't do it, closing a voice like a luxury car, heavy candy when the body becomes more compact and can't feel the baggy completely like a new car!

5, reduce vibration

Aggravating the steering wheel, floor, a shaking of the shift lever is effectively suppressed, drivers like were placed in a private personal space, not only improves the ride comfort, and extend the service life of the parts inside the car.

6, the sealing of the body

Each car has almost completely don't need more than 100 holes, these holes to pass a lot of noise, dust, heat, big these holes and gaps can be completely closed, improve the overall seal cab, effectively reduce the vehicle noise, saving energy consumption of air conditioning, improve air quality inside the car.

Car with a car sound insulation, noise level of the speed of 90 kilometers, equivalent to an now the speed more than 50 kilometers, the car can feel quiet a lot;Car stereo effect has improved (after listening to transferred to the volume before 

8, sound insulation is transferred to the volume of 5 or 6 is ok), and lower bass and treble more pure;Sound insulation material at the same time have the function of the heat preservation and heat insulation, can make the car more energy efficient, open air conditioning or heater can obviously feel out;Enhance the flexibility of body sheet, alleviate the harm of the car crash.