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Introduction to shock insulation thermoplastic film

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Introduction to shock insulation thermoplastic film

Introduction to shock insulation thermoplastic film

1, the film mastering many skills while specializing, namely this kind of film in addition to the damping property, should further improve the heat insulation, anti-rust, more inexpensive high polymer material, the use of thermoplastic elastomer in particular.

2, cancellation, asbestos and other materials easily emit harmful substances, pay attention to the manufacturing process of environmental protection.

3, to eliminate the smell of the film, this is the problem need to be taken seriously shanhaiguan, need to use more high technology content, and synthetic polymer materials.

4, further reduce the cost, it needs to be from the formula, select material, process and packaging and so on various aspects of work.Hope that some of the technical personnel to participate in chemical industry, make the material has a qualitative leap, let's catch up with the world advanced level in automotive industry.

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