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Dongguan Mazda CX5.2.5 DJ universal environmental protection cars sound insulation

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Dongguan Mazda CX5.2.5 DJ universal environmental protection cars sound insulation

Japan's car, good workmanship materials relatively is fastidious, but the sound insulation is one of the disadvantages of Japanese, so the car when driving car tend to produce bigger noise.Which might impact on car audio quality.The Mazda 15 CX5.2.5 honourable version of the owner also encountered the same problem, so the owner came to dongguan Mazda CX5.2.5 DJ universal environmental protection cars sound insulation.

Sound insulation brand: DJ sound insulation

Sound insulation parts, chassis, tail box, ceiling

Chassis is auto bearing, so the car when driving mechanical noise produced by the chassis will be obvious, but the Mazda 15 CX5.2.5 exalted version of the original car chassis, are some inferior bituminous sound insulation materials, the sound insulation material not only thoroughly, use time long after the car will also have some peculiar smell, thus affect the owners driving experience.

DJ auto sound technician will be used by the original car modification bitumen removal after first use DJ sound insulation damping glue for car chassis and tail box did check up of the first floor of processing, and then use the DJ sound-absorbing cotton did the second seal processing.Double insulation treatment is to reduce the noise of the car itself, but also blocks the incoming wind noise, tire noise and other noise, guarantee the automobile sound insulation effect.

Chassis first floor DJ insulation treatment, effective thermal shock absorption and improve sheet metal rigidity.The chassis first layer damping rubber insulation treatment, chassis deadened the noise of the second layer heat insulation cotton insulation treatment.

Tail box sealed with DJ sound insulation cotton, DJ sound insulation roof, and effective in the rain and high temperatures have the effect of noise insulation, and strengthen the body sealing.