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Cars equipped with sound insulation cotton DJ sound insulation

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Cars equipped with sound insulation cotton DJ sound insulation 】 【 have harm?

Cars equipped with sound insulation cotton have harm?

Sound insulation cotton can reduce engine noise, adding soundproof cotton engine running after the high temperature influence on the engine cover is reduced, can protect the paint that delay the aging.Negative impact not only cover a little see sank a little.

Use of sound insulation cotton good insulation effect, after the paste inside the car hood, which can effectively avoid the high temperature of engine directly to the hood, to protect the hood surface paint, at the same time avoid rain hood when the fog filled the influence line of sight.

Polo car due to the advanced technology of making cars, the noise control has reached quite high level, many owners have ignition again after the vehicle has already started, it fully illustrates this point.On the choice of 03 and later models reduce the cost, the public will hood sound insulation cotton sacrificed without hesitation.

In fact, this is definitely not a dispensable "enjoy" parts, though no one is going to put it on the options list, but the ear higher decibels lower will be the overall grade of the car.In particular, more prominent when the engine is running.

Another role is heat insulation sound insulation cotton, it can reduce the engine to heat on the surface of the hood, equipped with the hood sound insulation cotton basic won't produce white mist when a vehicle is a rainy day.Rainy day, and winter, because the outside air temperature and engine temperature difference is bigger, plus the rain on the hood of the scour work together, will accelerate the surface oxidation.Heat insulation cotton can protect the hood surface to some extent.

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