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Auto sound insulation materials generally have?

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Auto sound insulation materials generally have?

Automobile sound insulation material is a pointer to the design of automobile noise to material, mainly the automobile sound insulation material is butyl rubber, belongs to the environmental protection of the damping piece, rubber, EVA/EPDM sheet, etc.What are the automobile sound insulation material generally?

A, sponge

Advantages: the sponge is a kind of performance is very good sound-absorbing material, otherwise there would be no inside the recording studio is widely in use. Did sound-absorbing groove processing the surface of sponge, sound-absorbing the effect is much better!Commonly known as the waves of cotton. The sponge: sponge shock absorption and sound insulation performance was poor.

Weakness: the water absorption ability strong, easy to absorb dust, rainy days or after washing the car big big increase, easy to cause the body rust rot!In addition, without special treatment of poor fire sponge, normally not flame retardant.

Not recommended!

Second, the asphalt slab

Advantages: building used asphalt slab has good waterproof, shock absorption, sound insulation effect.

Disadvantages: high temperature resistant ability is poor, can't flame retardant, larger weight and pollution.

Not recommended!

Three, fiber carpet, carpet industry

Now many car manufacturers use on the production line is the material, you are in your car can also see the figure of it. But this kind of material can also be used in car floor and ceiling, other parts are not suitable for use. Maple, xiali car before the place such as floor and roof can be seen, change the load of 3.0 interior plate and bottom parts have used vehicles.

Advantages: low cost.

Weakness: the shock absorption effect in general, although have certain sound-absorbing, sound insulation ability, but is not waterproof, fire prevention or corrosion.

Not recommended!

Fourth, the glass fiber cotton

Advantages: good sound absorption performance, thermal insulation, no spontaneous combustion, anticorrosive moistureproof.

Disadvantages: water absorption, appearance similar to aluminum silicate cotton, but it's not environmental protection, industrial areas have been phased out, but it still in use, construction of individual store some hood protective pad is made of it. Loose fiber is easy to pollute the environment;Inside the pores, mutual connection, the water vapor can very easily immersed, individual product plus protective layer, if there is any breakage, can lead to pollution and pose a threat to health.

Not recommended!

Five, sound-absorbing coating

Use colored liquid, spraying.

Advantages: for parts is not convenient to paste the sound insulation materials, coating materials can be used.
Disadvantages: sound-absorbing, sound insulation effect, can also need multi-layer besmear to brush after shock absorption ability.

You can use.

Six, foam expansion agent

The scientific name of polyurethane, white yellow.

Advantage: the shock absorption, sound insulation effect, often used in column A, B, C sound insulation. Often used in construction and insulation industry.

Disadvantages: sound-absorbing effect. After used on vehicle can bring inconvenience to maintenance in the future. Some have fire prevention ability, not bibulous, have fire prevention ability of higher prices.

You can use.

Seven, lead plate composite materials

An ordinary black appearance, the two kinds of foam material with a layer of compounded lead plate, lead plate center, generally does not pay attention, often used for construction of vehicle plate area.

Advantages: the low-frequency noise suppression is more obvious, construction is convenient.

Disadvantages: not environmental protection. Long-term accompanied by heavy metal lead, easy cause chronic lead poisoning, the harm of pregnant women and young children. Material is heavier, affect the acceleration and increase fuel consumption.

Not recommended!


Eight, butyl rubber insulation vibration plate

Butyl rubber as main raw material, coated with a layer of aluminum foil, commonly known as acoustic vibration plate.

Advantages: butyl rubber has excellent effect on sound insulation, vibration reduction, green environmental protection, long service life. The aluminum foil material can not only cut off heat radiation, can also make the strength greatly increased. The market at present the best sound insulation damping materials, can be applied to the door, load, floor, hood, fender, canopy, firewall etc.

Disadvantages: higher raw material costs.


Strongly recommended!


Nine, sound-absorbing cotton

Advantages: good sound-absorbing performance, insulation performance, can absorb the outside noise, can also reduce the outside heat penetration. With butyl rubber insulation stop vibration plate, can obtain better effect of noise elimination. At the same time, it has good resilience, bending resistance, can be widely should be in some parts, (such as after partition) friction, contact between decorative parts, eliminating the noise in the resulting.

Weakness: the vibration reduction effect is poorer, have certain water imbibition, res in damp, strong vibration parts (such as the door).

It is recommended to use!