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[Saika News] why more and more car owners do sound insulation?

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[Saika News] why more and more car owners do sound insulation?

[Saika News] why more and more car owners do sound insulation?

In today's auto industry bidding, the factory is in compression cost, car doors and sheet metal parts is more and more thin, easy to resonate, and sound insulation material to reduce the noise of the original car because the cost is then replaced with inferior material or omit directly.Then to solve the noise problem only through acoustic noise reduction in the late.This is why more and more car owners do sound insulation?

Have no noise?

Of course, the answer is yes.Have owners describe said: after ten car do all sound insulation runs like two of thousands of car, 2 ten car full insulation after open up like 3.4 million car, and after five hundred thousand car all sound insulation to drive have 7.8 million feelings., of course, not all of the car do whole vehicle noise, we can be targeted to sound insulation can spend the least money to reach the effect you want.

Let's take a look at what role does the car parts of sound insulation, respectively:

Four-wheel sound insulation:

To prevent external noise, mechanical noise, tire noise and wind cut.

Chassis sound insulation:

Inhibition of car metal heart-collision resonance, blocking the road noise.

Four soundproof door:

Restrain the resonance of metal door, blocking the environment noise, the sound effect.
The door into the solid body, the low frequency of the speaker is more forceful.

Backup in the box:

Lighten the trunk resonance, cut off the rear wheel and the road noise, noise absorption cavity resonance

The engine sound insulation:

Cut off the engine noise and heat transmission to the car.

Heat preservation:

Effectively prevent cold heat, 99% has the effect of warm in winter and cool in summer.

To strengthen the sheet metal:

Thickening steel car body, door becomes thick, turbulence when the body becomes more compact.

Prevention of fatigue:

Reducing noise caused by long distance driving fatigue, prevent ear blare of headache caused by noise.

Door plank of sound insulation:

Do sound insulation can absorb, reduce car noise caused by oscillation, upgrade the ride comfort, the car environment, at the same time increase the driving safety and stability of the vehicle.Whole vehicle after sound insulation, speed of 100 km, didn't do the noise size of acoustic speed of 60 km.