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Sound Absorber

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Sound Absorber

Sound Absorber

A semi open cell polyurethane memory foam material with a special formulation to achieve superb sound absorption and flexibility. The material is designed primarily to absorb unwanted high and mid range frequencies. Install on a vehicle's interior side panels and roof to prevent echo, reverb and absorb high freqency road noise.


1,DJ damping we are leading suppliers of vehicle sound proofing and noise control products.

2,DJ damping mat composite made in Germany,food grade standard,non toxic material,

3, Technical advantages:

  •     Self adhesive butyl rubber visco elastic polymer active layer
  •     Aluminium constraining layer for maximum noise reduction improves performance
  •     Highly efficient vibration damper
  •     Superior performance to comparable products
  •     Contains 30% more active material than the Dynamic sounding brand leader
  •     Highly efficient performance requires less product
  •     More economical in use compared to competitors

Product features:

  •     Soft and easy to use
  •     No nasty ashfelt tar smell, often found with inferior bitumen products
  •     Military grade adhesive stays stuck even in extreme temperatures
  •     Non flammable
  •     Contains no bitumen
  •     Unbeatable cost to performance ratio

Strong point:Don't become hard in winter

                Tasteless double-sided adhesive

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