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And the wind wave agitate heart dance The pure audio lab typhoon 10 full universal spare tire type bass systems

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And the wind wave agitate heart dance The pure audio lab typhoon 10 full universal spare tire type bass systems

And the wind wave agitate heart dance The pure audio lab typhoon 10 full universal spare tire type bass systems




And the wind wave agitate heart dance
The pure audio lab typhoon 10 full universal spare tire type bass systems

Article/photo: Chen Shuhan

Bass can obviously influence on music listening experience.Car audio broadcast music, the bass often cover disturbance in different degrees and weakening;Can fully restore the bass, right is very important for car audio performance;If the improved bass reduction first begin, usually can obtain obvious effect.SONIC PURITY LABORATORY 10 British sterling UK BASS sound source LABORATORY typhoon 10 general spare tire type BASS system, all is according to the law and the latest research and development design.


Cause the revolutionary new fashion
In the past, in order to improve the bass reduction, we use a variety of traditional bass speakers.They can be installed in the instrument desk at the bottom of the lower part (superposed), installed in the driving seat (set) and installed in the trunk area (rear), the reduction of the bass in the car through the air conduction and reach the listener, chamber volume and conduction path directly affects the bass effect.For superposed and underneath type, not only the installation is very difficult, and the installation space is narrow, the bass effect from this big restricted;For the rear type, or sacrifice for the pursuit of the bass performance and reduce the place the luggage trunk is practical, or to store more luggage in trunk acoustic characteristics change and making a sharp degradation bass effect.
Now, the pure sound source laboratory through research and found the beginning period of excitation, body conduction, end period of induction, overall reduction of bass reduction mechanism of new according to the research and design a series of revolutionary spare tire type bass system.The bass unit as the segments and the vibration excitation, the main conduction through the body, conduction through the air;Form a complete set of bass power amplifier, based on the body of a specific model conduction characteristics and internal acoustic characteristics, the bass signal from the input to the amplifier, to give you the whole process of adjustment, eventually achieve the best effect of bass, so as to effectively improve car audio performance directly.The pure audio lab series spare tire type bass system after mass production and the market, many vendors to follow suit, stirring a bass revolution agitation, philharmonic owners and fever owner so blessed.



Almost invisible and practical harmony
Typhoon 10 full general spare tire type bass system, main body by 10 "bass unit and compact body composition, and contains the form small and easy to install with UK factory - mono 500.1 class D bass power amplifier. For most cars of has a spare tire, just directly in the spare tire load by 10" bass unit and the compact body of the main body, with a horn line connected to the bass power amplifier, and then the bass power amplifier with signal lines connected to the host is good, can fast correctly complete the installation without having to change the original car line.For equipment not tire of a few models, reserve in the most suitable position directly placed in the oven by 10 "the body of the bass unit and compact body composition, steps are also very simple. The typhoon 10 general spare tire type bass system completely, because produced mainly by car-body conduction bass, so when work allows us bass unit cover even open the trunk on the tail gate, trunk placed baggage utility function is almost unaffected, integral style to the original car interior harmony perfectly preserved.

In the recently held IASCA car stereo dongguan station, in a car on the original sound to be modified on the new MINI, adding the typhoon 10 after all general spare tire type bass system, I obviously to experience it the function and effect to improve the whole performance of the car stereo.



If lack of bass, music?
Close the typhoon 10 full general spare tire type bass system, playing the Mozart: piano trio, "Kegelstatt clarinet" trio "CD small double zhang (446154-2) number: the DECCA, piano trio violin and clarinet in the trio of viola, tone and texture are harder to distinguish;The cello and the modern piano bass down hard, jean body empathy all owe to serve;Music is top-heavy, give the listener of the misty sense of insecurity.Play "Leslie cheung, salute" CD (no. : CINEPOLY CP - 5-0031), Leslie cheung is due to the lack of bass accompaniment harmony.the insufficient and weak, especially in a very familiar 1 song song "childhood" and 9 "snow feelings in '89," the most obvious.Movie top gun soundtrack CD (no. : CDCBS 70296), song of 5 f "TAKE MY BREATH AWAY, and 7 male solo piece" the HEAVEN IN YOUR EYES, also showed a lack of bass, song just plain, boring no appeal.




I not only to close all the doors Windows and open the bass unit cover plate of the normal way to listen to, and close to the bass unit cover and opened the trunk of the back door of the very way audition, two types of audio-visual effect is almost no difference.
There is a typhoon 10 full general spare tire type bass system, whether the car stereo professionally, jumping above comprehensive performance can be implemented.There is a typhoon 10 full universal spare tire type bass systems, from now on can heartily enjoy to enjoy the music.


The main specification parameters
Diameter: 10."
4 Ω impedance:
Sensitivity: 89 db
Frequency response: 45 hz - 1000 hz
The input power: 300 w