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We are the research, design and production of automobile sound insulation professional manufacturers

Saika Damping Material Co.,Ltd

Saika Damping Material Co.,Ltd found in 2006.We are a leading suppliers of vehicle sound proofing and noise control products.We offer acoustic and thermal insulation solutions for classic.commercial and private car ,van,4*4,motor-home and specialist automotive markets.We are sharing good markets in China,Australia,Malaysia,Indonesia,Korea and many other countries.

Made of Germany food grade standard butyl rubber composite,without toxic material,our product pass SGS,ISO,RoHS,CE certification ,our products consitst of award winning sound deadening products for using by professionals and DIY enthusiasts.We are looking forward to off you our high quality products.






  • What's Saika damping?

    Saika butyl rubber composite,Made in Germany,Food grade standard,Non toxic material. Saika butyl rubber 100& Eco-friendly ...

  • Why Saika damping?

    Saika damping more than 10 years,DJ butyl rubber composite made in Germany,food grade standard,non toxic material. Saika damping has CE,ROHS,ROhs ...

  • Why your car need to do damping?

    Why you car need to do damping? When you are driving cars,there are many noises come into your car,for example road noise,floor noise,hood liner noise...

  • What's the best soundproofing material?

    DJ materilas is 100% Eco-friendly and 100 pure butyl rubber,non toxic grade standard.